About Us

We are a specialist European private markets firm.


Aptimus Capital Partners is focused on non-sponsored lending in geographies and sectors which are underserved by private capital.

We provide financing solutions to the middle market. We focus on niche areas of the market where there is an undersupply of private capital. We engage with businesses where sustainability and impact can be harnessed as an additional source of returns.

Our values

We believe in taking a long term approach, forming collaborative relationships with borrowers and investors.

We act with integrity and transparency. We believe in long term value creation – for businesses, investors, stakeholders as well as the wider society.

Our culture is entrepreneurial, dynamic and innovative.


Investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is to identify attractive market segments early, where there is currently limited access to private capital.

Our investment thesis is built upon three pillars:

1. Underserved geographies and sectors offer compelling risk-adjusted returns

2. Non-sponsored middle market provides a rich opportunity set

3. Sustainability and impact can be utilised as additional return drivers. 

We focus on the middle market, away from private equity sponsors. We look for businesses which can generate impact as we believe this will unlock long term value for investors whilst creating positive societal and environmental outcomes.

Value proposition

We offer diversifying returns for investors by focusing on niche markets and sectors, away from private equity sponsors.

We believe this is an area of the market which requires strong origination and underwriting capabilities, the ability to offer flexible solutions as well as robust workout capabilities.

We have deep networks directly with market participants ensuring a rich pipeline of opportunities.