We look to invest in businesses that can have a positive societal or environmental impact.


Our approach to responsible investing

The support of private capital investors will be critical in order to achieve the aspirational objectives of frameworks such as the EU Green Deal, the Paris Agreement or the UN SDGs.

The integration of ESG considerations can help investee companies increase efficiency, improve profitability, drive innovation growth and sustainable competitive advantage and make their businesses more resilient and adaptable for the future.

We have created a thoughtful and practical approach to responsible investing, which cascades through our origination and investment process.

We are signatories of the UN PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) and are affiliated with other local SDG aligned initiatives.

Impact philosophy

By providing long-term capital solutions to the middle market, we help to support the real economy, driving economic prosperity and job creation.

We take a balanced view on business efficacy and ESG maturity, focusing on excellent management teams, robust business models and providing flexible, solution driven growth capital. We pride ourselves on the high level of engagement we have with our investee companies.

Throughout the lifetime of an investment we aim to nurture, develop and enhance ESG agendas and the impact alignment of our investee companies. We believe we can accelerate positive societal and environmental outcomes, while harnessing the potential for returns within the relevant sector.

Private Credit Impact Strategy

Our Private Credit Impact Strategy exclusively focuses on businesses that are aligned to core SDGs and are supported by strong investment fundamentals, secular trends and structural characteristics within the relevant market.

We focus on substantive objectives, business efficacy, and additionality through our investment choices.

Spain has a rich environment for impact opportunities and our flexible capital solutions are well positioned to facilitate growth.

Our proprietary impact quantification methodology develops tailor-made impact indicators, which are measured through the lifetime of the transaction and framed by our impact thesis.

As we support the development of our investee companies’ impact alignment, we are able to help grow their equity value, and future-proof their business.