Aptimus Capital Partners is a dynamic, multi-strategy private market investment firm.

Our team brings deep experience in private credit, private equity and real asset markets, and has a significant presence in London and Madrid.

Executive Team

Executive Team

Executive Team

Andrew Godson Group CEO

Iván Cristóbal. Co-founder, Executive Chairman, Spain

Iván Cristóbal Co-founder, Executive Chairman, Spain

Nilesh Desai. Head of Investments

Nilesh Desai Chief Investment Officer

Jocelyn Roberts. Group COO & General Counsel

Jocelyn Roberts Group COO & General Counsel




Carolina Jiménez. Head of Capital Solutions

Carolina Jiménez Head of Capital Solutions

Fátima García-Nieto. Investments Managing Director

Fátima García-Nieto Co-Head of Credit Underwriting

Ignacio Madurga. Investments Managing Director

Ignacio Madurga Co-Head of Credit Underwriting

Christian Juel. Head of ESG and Impact Alignment

Christian Juel Head of ESG and Impact Alignment

Jesús Martel. Investments Executive Director

Jesús Martel Investments Executive Director

Curro Fita. Investments Director

Curro Fita Investments Executive Director

Andrés Garrido. Investments VP

Andrés Garrido Investments VP

Gonzalo Moro. Investments AVP

Gonzalo Moro Investments VP

Miguel Ángel Plaza

Miguel Ángel Plaza Investments Associate VP

Salvador Doncel. Investments Associate VP.

Salvador Doncel Investments Associate VP




Cristina García Origination Managing Director

Cristina García Head of Direct Lending Origination

Antón Chaver. Origination Managing Director

Antón Chaver Origination Managing Director

David Martín. Origination/Investments Junior Associate

David Martín Origination Junior Associate

Business Development & Product Management

Business Development & Product Management

Business Development & Product Management

Javier Núñez de Villavicencio. Business Development Managing Director

Javier Núñez de Villavicencio Business Development Managing Director

Clodagh Bourke. Head of Product Management

Clodagh Bourke Head of Product Management


Oliver Riley Head of Insurance Solutions

Anu Chhabra. Business Development Director

Anu Chhabra Business Development Executive Director

Louis Stride. Associate

Louis Stride Business Development Associate

Legal & Operations

Legal & Operations

Finance & Reporting

Finance & Reporting

Finance & Reporting

Christopher Gadsden. Acting CFO

Christopher Gadsden CFO

William Lake. Financial Controller

William Lake Group Financial Controller

Susana Cristóbal. Financial Controller, Spain

Susana Cristóbal Financial Controller, Spain

Bartek Czerwinski. Finance Associate

Bartek Czerwinski Finance Analyst

Mariela Delgado. Finance & Recovery

Mariela Delgado Finance & Recovery

Office Management

Office Management

Office Management


Hedoné Arana Office Manager, Madrid

Anna Folcik. Office Manager, London

Anna Folcik Office Manager, London


Stasia Skolik Acting Office Manager, London