We operate strategies which align to the three pillars of our investment philosophy.


Direct Lending

We provide non-sponsored direct lending solutions to attractive, growth businesses across the middle-market.

Our tailored solutions range from senior secured debt to hybrid instruments designed to participate in upside growth, while maintaining the downside protection of senior debt.

By providing non-dilutive, transformative growth capital to middle market business, we can unlock value for our portfolio companies and provide an attractive return profile for investors.

Private Credit Impact Strategy

Our Private Credit Impact strategy exclusively focuses on direct lending to businesses that are aligned to core UN Sustainable Development Goals and are supported by strong investment fundamentals, secular trends and structural characteristics within the relevant market.

We focus on: 1) the intentionality of a business, 2) additionality of our investment and 3) measurability of impact generated.

Our proprietary impact quantification methodology develops tailor-made impact indicators, which are measured throughout the lifetime of a transaction and framed by our impact thesis.


Sustainable Asset Based Lending

We provide asset-based lending to businesses for specialist equipment within the renewables, recycling and offshore servicing sectors.

This is an area of the market which can be complex and requires technical knowledge to achieve optimal outcomes.

Loans are secured against specific assets with tangible market value, providing downside protection for investors.


In the course of our business, we come across attractive opportunities within capital solutions and real assets. We engage in these selectively where we believe a compelling risk and return profile can be achieved.

We offer independent advisory services for those businesses looking for innovative flexible solutions, routes to capital and impact alignment strategies.

Should you be interested in these solutions, please contact us to discuss further.